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About Us

Founded in 1999, and staffed with professionals who have extensive human resources and systems experience, Innovative HR Solutions assists companies in improving their human resources function. Since the company's establishment the firm has worked with many clients from a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, health care, high-tech, manufacturing and telecommunications.

Through its own proprietary Internet-based employee survey system, the firm's services include five unique products: the Comprehensive Survey, the Check-Up Survey, the Pulse Survey, the New Hire Survey and the Exit Interview Questionnaire. The company's emphasis has been on providing clients with a turnkey product that allows for complete customization and the timely reporting of results. Since its inception the firm has engaged seasoned independent HR professionals to provide technical support to meet the needs of our clients.

Over the years the firm has built a reputation for superior employee survey design, development, quantitative assessment and communication. Innovative HR Solutions is guided by dynamic professionals and a pro-active Board of Advisors.  Our goal is to evaluate the survey results and present a detailed strategy to enhance management's partnership with its employees. Our mission is to provide superior human resources consulting services and recommend business driven alternatives based upon the client's survey results.